Legal information and FAQ

You have some questions?


Do I have to fill document before coming to the Maze N'Games?

- Yes, you have to fill a consent form. You can print this version and bring it to the Maze N'Games. We also have the document at the reception. You just have to ask for it. 

consent form english.docx.pdf

Can I bring my own food to Maze N’Games?

- No!! You can't bring your own food. Only cakes for a birthday party are allowed. We have refridgerators in all our party rooms.

Do you have lockers to store valuables?

- Yes we do! You just have to bring a lock with you. We also have a coat check at the reception.

Can I come into the centre wearing boots or do we need running shoes?

- Everyone has to bring indoor shoes or running shoes. You can leave your boots at the reception coat check.

Do we have to reserve ahead of time to play the games?

- No! You don't need to reserve. But, if you are a group of 10 people and over, you can call to check the availability to be sure that we can accept you.

Can I quit the Maze N'Games and come back later with my unused sessions?

- No, you can't. You have to use all the sessions that you buy on the same day. You can't quit and come back. Every person who quits the Maze N'Games can't come in without paying.

Can I come visit without buying a pass to play the games?

- Yes of course! There is a designated parent's area with a Bistro, a pool table and free wifi access.


Questions about children's parties


What's happening on the day of the party?

You arrive at the time you want, you can play before and after the meal if you wish, but make sure to be present at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time for the room. You have access to the room for 50 minutes to eat the meal, the cake and unpack the gifts. Then, according to your package you can return to play and free the room for the next holidays.

Can I bring my own cake for my birthday party reservation?

Yes! You must bring your own cake.

Can I pay by phone when booking a party or group?

Absolutely! The deposit requested represents 15% of the invoice amount and must be paid at the time of booking. It is possible to pay by credit card over the phone or Interac or in cash if you pay directly to Maze N'Games.

Do you provide plates, glasses and utensils for birthday parties? 

Yes! We provide everything you need to organize the party. We supply plates, tablecloths, glasses, utensils and so on.

Can I decorate my party room?

Yes! You can decorate your party room when the reservation is started. Sticky paper is not accepted to decorate the walls of our party rooms. Please use the sticker, please.

Can I rent a room without having a party package?

Yes! Our rooms are often rented for other occasions than birthday parties. The rental of the room is priced at $ 35 per hour.

My child was invited to a birthday party at your center. Can I go back to my child?

Yes! You can announce your presence at the reception and you can pick up your child.


Refund Policy


A cancellation can be done up to 7 days prior to  the reservation date. However; we do not refund,  we do give a credit that can be used on another date. Cancellations done on the day of the reservation, the full amount of the party will be processed.